Councillors go for skinny homes and garden suites in single-family neighbourhoods - (via Edmonton Journal)

Chicago Cityscape 4K HD (via youtube)

The staggering price of Quebec independence - The Globe & Mail

A brief look at the fiscal and economic costs of an independent Quebec as summarized by Christopher Ragan, Associate Professor of Economics at McGill University.

Renaming the Edmonton Eskimos - Ryan McMahon #Esks

Why I Retired At 26 - Rashard Mendenhall (via Huffington Post)

9 Reasons the U.S. Ended Up So Much More Car-Dependent Than Europe - Atlantic Cities

Check out this 105 Ave (Columbia Avenue) Streetscape Redevelopment. Initial work for this project starts this summer!

The sad irony is that density is a good predictor of upward mobility, but sunbelt cities with affordable housing often sprawl deep into the exurbs, where families aren’t anywhere near the best jobs. The very thing that makes those cities attractive places to get to also makes them bad places to get ahead.

The challenges of connecting Toronto's south core - Globe & Mail

Infrastructure demands and lack of amenities are one thing, but the biggest barriers which have created a mental and physically separated island are the Gardiner, Lakeshore Blvd and the rail line.

Edmonton - Aerial DJI Phantom quadcopter perspective

ALARMclock - exploiting personal concerns one morning at a time!

In case you needed something else to worry about, here is an alarm clock that exploits your social, financial and health concerns as a motivator to get out of bed each day.

An animated time lapse of every nuclear device ever detonated. Consider the global political climate when watching the changing date and corresponding the countries detonating the devices. Very interesting.

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